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Abracadabra Magic Touches LLC became known on the market in 2004 when it was founded and started catering to residential and commercial customers in the Waldorf, MD area! We’re a team of skilled professionals with 18 years of experience! That should be sufficient for you to give us the time of day and hire a handyman from the team!

Handyman Service

Handyman Service

We Handle Everything With Precision

Would you imagine it any other way? Imagine retaining a handyman service from someone who doesn’t care about precision and whose eye for detail is severely lacking. What good would that do? That’s why you should sleep easy because we’re nothing like that. Precision is our virtue, and we focus even on minor details! We’ll show you the process firsthand, so you can see what we mean!

Our Customers Know Our Values

Those who have hired us and those only now getting acquainted with us should know – our values are our greatest strength. And from that strength, we get the proper motivation to bring excellence. A good handyman knows what values to keep, and ours are simple – we value our customers! We value their needs and demands, no matter how demanding! And we value ourselves – that’s why we’ve been insured and have a business license. We’re legitimate, care, and want people to know it!

Call Abracadabra Magic Touches LLC at (301) 409-3435 and request our reputable handyman service! Know that precision is a must and the utmost care for you and your needs is at the top of our list! Your property in Waldorf, MD will be made excellent with hard work, perseverance, and great determination on our end! You’re only responsible for hiring us on your end!

Services List

  • Handyman Services
  • Painting
  • Power Washing
  • Drywall Repair
  • Flooring