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Skilled Handyman in Your Area!

With Abracadabra Magic Touches LLC, you can expect to work with an affordable handyman! Your property will finally have a team of professionals to handle all its different aspects and make it mended, perfect, and beautiful! That’s what everyone wants – a team on which to rely! For those of you in Waldorf, MD – we’re that team!

Our Services

Handyman Services

Handyman Services

A general handyman service should only be offered if those providing the skills and talents are versatile and can handle more than one job. We can! We've learned and practiced plenty! We can manage general issues with your property without hesitation or difficulty! We're your guys for everything you need - call and request our general skills!


Your property could probably use a fresh coat of paint or a color change every once in a while. For one, that would fit a person's ever-changing taste and style. It would also freshen up the property, making its appearance look fabulous! If that specific time has come around for your property - you can call our professional team to do the painting!
Power Washing

Power Washing

We love power washing because it's a great method to make every inch of your property exceptional. This method can get rid of even the toughest stains and embedded dirt. We'll show you how it works and why many call us experts. In no time, your property will be gleaming from wall to wall!
Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

If your drywall needs repairing, our team needs to hear from you! Don't attempt to do the repairs on your own - sometimes a problem might look small, but with one slightly wrong move, it could turn into a much larger one and cause a headache. If you're unsure of your abilities, better let us handle the repairs - at least you'll know you're getting perfection!


Who better install a new floor or repair your old one than a skilled handyman contractor from our company? You don't want the tiles to crack under the first step or floorboards to splinter under the slightest pressure, so get our team to execute the process with absolute precision, quality, and care for the perfect results! 

Services List

  • Handyman Services
  • Painting
  • Power Washing
  • Drywall Repair
  • Flooring

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Client’s Testimonial

by Angelica Kelly on Abracadabra Magic Touches LLC
Very Professional Handyman Service!

Ladies and gentlemen - this company presents a highly professional handyman service! Seriously, the people who came to work on some things around my home were all professional and obvious experts, even at the tiniest details! I've been retaining their services even for the little things, and I'm not about to change that - they're perfect!

The Services a Property Needs

It would be tedious if you started cooking and had to go to five different stores for five products, wouldn’t it? You would probably feel more comfortable going to just one store and getting everything you need, going home, and getting started. Well, if you need something around the property, wouldn’t the same logic apply? Versatility would be best when different aspects need addressing. But if you’re not so versatile, speak to a local handyman and get everything you need from an expert!

We Have the Necessary Skills

The home you live in or commercial property you own should have everything mended and perfect, shouldn’t it? So shouldn’t you hire experts in everything to do the work? Our team can do flooring, painting, drywall repairs, power washing, and general things around the property, so who better to retain than us? We do careful inspections of whatever you want and then decide on the spot how to handle everything so you can have excellence in no time!

Call¬†Abracadabra Magic Touches LLC for our reputable and professional handyman service! Everything at your property can be addressed by skilled professionals who guarantee you the perfect results. If that’s what people in the Waldorf, MD area are looking for, they should be looking into our company, reading about our contractors, and booking our services!